Evident Technologies Issued Patent for Semiconductor Nanocrystals Made From III-V Materials

Evident Technologies, Inc. today announced the issuance of US Patent No. 7,399,429 covering the ability to make semiconductor nanocrystals from III-V materials, including indium galium phosphide. This newly issued patent represents a dramatic increase in the advancement of semiconductor materials science and augments the breadth of the company's intellectual property portfolio.

"The issuance of this key patent underscores the fact that Evident Technologies, Inc. remains a pioneer in the development of novel and proprietary semiconductor nanocrystals, and affords us broad protection in a rapidly growing segment of the market," stated Clint Ballinger Ph.D., CEO of Evident Technologies. "In response to a growing industry demand, our scientists have worked diligently over the past several years to develop new bright, stable III-V material systems."

Evident Technologies' broad array of semiconductor nanocrystal materials are already used in many industries around the world in products ranging from electronics to life science reagents. Companies and research institutes alike can benefit from this new, patented technology and continue the development of quantum dot applications from energy conversion to LEDs to life science.

"The unique spectral properties of these III-V quantum dot nanocrystals include absorption in the ultraviolet through the near-infrared range and emission in the near-infrared range, and are ideal for several applications within the life sciences," said Todd R. Nelson Ph.D., CEO of eBioscience, the worldwide, exclusive licensee of this technology within the life sciences industry. "We believe our customers will find that the products enabled by this technology will represent a significant advancement in multicolor applications, and will allow us to develop the next generation of eFluor in-vivo imaging reagents."

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