Agar Scientific Announces Latest Additions to Citifluor Range of Antifadant Mountants

Agar Scientific is pleased to announce the latest additions to the Citifluor range of antifadant mountant solutions for use in sample preparation for fluorescence microscopy.

The new light-curable uv-mountants are quick drying, easy to use and economical. They will help in cases where specimens move around or change shape on the slide thus making it difficult to home in on the area of interest. These mountants will rapidly fix specimens making microscopic examination much easier. There are many benefits for their use:

These new UVM solutions readily cure with desk-lights. There is no need to use ultraviolet lamps. Curing is rapid, usually 2 to 3 minutes with the cured film having no vacuoles (air pockets). The solutions are stable and hence do not form stringy jelly-like material as may be observed with other mounting solutions. Citifluor’s UVM mountants are water miscible prior to curing, are totally free of organic solvents such as xylene and are compatible with a wide range of aqueous buffers.

The high refractive index mountant (UVM-3) is totally halogen free (it should however only be used with fixed (cross linked specimens). This is a unique product and of great potential to laser microscopists.

The UVM-1 solution is ideal for samples being examined by transmission light microscopy and for fluorescence microscopy where fluorochrome fading is not a problem. If fluorochrome fading is a problem, addition of Citifluor’s AF100 should alleviate the problem.

Citifluor’s products, antifadent (antibleaching) mountant solutions (e.g. AF1, AF2 & AF3 mountant medium) and immersion oils (AS87) are widely used by researchers and those carrying out routine assays using the technique of fluorescence microscopy, e.g. immunofluorescence, where the fading of fluorochromes (fluorescent dyes) such as FITC was a problem. There is no universal antifadent due to the fact that biological material is so varied in nature that the fluorescence fading of fluorochromic conjugates is a complex process. With over twenty years of experience, Citifluor understands and provides solutions to these issues confronting the fluorescence microscopist.

For more details of these and other products, please contact Agar direct. Agar supplies one of the broadest ranges of accessories and consumables for microscopy. The complete range is available in either electronic or printed-catalogue form. To receive your copy, please visit and register today.

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