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Conductive Silver Inks Market to Reach $1.6 billion by 2015, According to Nanomarkets

NanoMarkets, a leading industry analyst firm based here, today announced it has released an updated analysis of the conductive silver inks market. According to NanoMarkets' analysis and forecast, sales of such inks will see declines for the next few years before the market begins a recovery in 2011. NanoMarkets projects that the market will achieve $1.6 billion in revenues by 2015. Additional details about the report are available at

Key Insights:

According to NanoMarkets, several factors are pointing to a decline in the silver inks business. Demand for consumer electronics and automobiles has declined and will remain depressed for several quarters. The firm has also significantly lowered its expectations for the RFID sector as the current environment and more conservative actions taken by companies will slow the deployment of item-level RFID and with it the need for silver inks for both antennas and chip contacts.

NanoMarkets still expects to see substantial business for silver inks emerging from the solar panel metallization, especially as energy prices begin to increase again. NanoMarkets believes that lower silver prices will help silver conductive inks manufacturers stave off competition from copper and other inks in the near future. However, as inflationary pressures resume in 2010 NanoMarkets expects renewed impetus for alternative approaches to conductive inks.

About the Report:

NanoMarkets' report, Silver Inks and Pastes for Printable Electronics: 2008-2015 (Revised Edition) quantifies the opportunities for silver inks in both traditional applications and in RFID, Photovoltaics, Displays, Sensors and Lighting. The report covers the future of both conventional inks and pastes and the new nanosilver inks. Printing types covered include screen, inkjet, flexo and gravure. Detailed volume and value forecasts are provided for each application, including a breakout by ink and printing technology type with completely updated numerical projections with a discussion of possible high-end and low-end scenarios for silver conductive inks markets. These scenarios enable the conductive ink community to plan successfully for the highly uncertain future that they now face. We have also included revised profiles of influential suppliers of silver inks including announcements and developments since the original version of this report. The new profiles show how and where silver conductive inks are producing new products and making investments.

Posted November 21st, 2008

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