Agreement Between Renishaw and NT-MDT Establishes Framework for Nano-Scale Visualisation and Analysis

A new OEM agreement between Renishaw plc (UK) and NT-MDT (Russia) establishes a framework for bringing nano-scale visualisation and analysis to researchers.

During the recent International Raman Microscopy Conference (ICORS XXI) in London, Dr. Ken Williams of Renishaw plc (UK), and Dr. Andrew Shubin of NT-MDT (Russia) signed an OEM agreement, whereby NT-MDT will sell, install, and support special inVia Raman systems for integration with its NTEGRA AFM. This alliance between two forward-thinking Companies provides an unsurpassed nanotechnology visualisation and analysis system for research and industry.

The choice of business partner was driven by common philosophies and aims – an uncompromising attitude towards excellence in quality, performance, and customer support; and commitment to using only the best components for the job to ensure reliability, stability, and high performance. Renishaw and NT-MDT favour in-house manufacturing to maintain quality and a fast response to emerging requirements. This poses challenges in terms of reliability, performance, and design expertise, to other system manufacturers who rely on outsourcing their system components.

Renishaw and NT-MDT invest heavily in R&D and have established themselves as recognised leaders in developing specialised and customised systems. Both companies appreciate that integration of techniques goes beyond simply combining them; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Dr. Shubin (VP Marketing for NT-MDT) commented that when talking to clients about integrated Raman-AFM instruments “…everybody knows Renishaw, everybody asks for Renishaw.” This new agreement provides the mechanism to fulfil that market requirement.

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