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  • Article - 11 Jul 2014
    We are constantly seeking to increase the lives of batteries. No matter how advanced a cell phone is or how far an electric vehicle can drive on one charge, there is always the necessity to try and...
  • Article - 22 Nov 2013
    The successful fabrication of single layered graphene has generated a great deal of interest and research into graphene in recent years. One of the most recent advancements is the development of...
  • Article - 8 May 2013
    Oregon is situated in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and spans a total area of 255,026 km2.
  • Article - 26 Mar 2013
    Research is being carried out for the use of dysprosium nanoparticles in advanced optical applications.
  • Article - 29 Jan 2013
    Nanotechnology-enabled devices will form the core of the next generation of wireless communication technologies, allowing wireless networks to keep up with the increasing performance demands of mobile...
  • Article - 24 Jan 2013
    There is a rapid growth in the science behind touch screens, and presently there are more than 20 different touchscreen technologies in production. Almost all of these rely on indium tin oxide (ITO),...
  • Article - 30 Jul 2012
    The memory technologies used in today's computers are very limited to specific applications, requiring the use of three or four types of memory in a single system. Universal Memory technologies aim to...
  • Article - 26 May 2008
    In this article spectroscopic ellipsometry was used to characterize both thicknesses and optical constants of TFT-LCD devices.
  • Article - 8 Feb 2019
    Nanoscale IR spectroscopy combines IR spectroscopy with the nanoscale capabilities of AFM to characterize advanced semiconductor Materials.
  • Article - 24 Jun 2016
    Duplex stainless steels are typically known to have a dualphase microstructure that contains both ferrite and austenite grains. This so-called microstructure offers a uniquely beneficial combination...