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  • Article - 21 Mar 2013
    The primary areas of application of beryllium nanoparticles are in coatings, nanowire, nanofiber, plastics, and textiles and also in certain alloy and catalyst applications.
  • Article - 21 Mar 2013
    Antimony nanoparticles can be manufactured using a facile electrochemical method, and have applications including anti-friction alloys, flame-proofing, and paints and enamels.
  • Article - 7 Mar 2013
    Arkansas, situated in the Southern United States, encompasses a total area of 137,733 km2. In 2011, Arkansas had a reported population of 2,937,979.
  • Article - 5 Mar 2013
    Today, there is an increased dependence on processed foods, due to a complex combination of trends in culture, technology and markets. Many researchers in the food industry are now looking for ways to...
  • Article - 1 Feb 2013
    Florida is situated in the southeastern region of the United States and covers an overall area of 170,304 km2. As of 2011, it had a population of 19,057,542.
  • Article - 29 Jan 2013
    In this Thought Leader interview, Dr. Gupreet Singh from Kansas State University talks to AZoNano about his work on using 2D nanomaterials such as graphene and tungsten disulfide for electrodes in...
  • Article - 7 Dec 2012
    Nanotechnology has been heralded as a new industrial revolution - as in the 18th and 19th centuries, nanotech has the potential to bring about drastic changes in the agricultural industry. The...
  • Article - 5 Dec 2012
    Nanocellulose is a light solid substance obtained from plant matter and comprises nanosized cellulose fibrils. This new material is a pseudo-plastic and possesses the property of specific kinds of...
  • Article - 27 Nov 2012
    Nanopollution is a growing issue - we are already releasing a large amount of nanomaterials into the environment, and we do not have a strong idea how many of them will impact human health. Research...
  • Article - 11 Oct 2012
    In this interview, co-founder and CEO of B.E.S.S. Technologies, Dr Fernando Gomez-Baquero talks to AZoNano about their technology and processes, and about their partnership with the CNSE at UAlbany.