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  • Article - 13 Mar 2013
    Louisiana, situated in the southern region of the United States, encompasses a total area of 135,382 km2. As of 2011, it has a population of 4,574,836.
  • Article - 25 Feb 2013
    Memristors, or memory resistors, are a kind of passive circuit element which can be used to create circuits which behave in a similar way to neurons in the brain.
  • Article - 19 Feb 2013
    Since the passing of its General Corporation Act in 1899, it has steadily grown as a key industrial state. As of 2012, well over half of all Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware.
  • Article - 31 Dec 2012
    Have you ever thought of substituting that huge backpack of textbooks with a single electronic paper sheet - keeping all that data on one device folded and kept in your wallet? What about a ride in a...
  • Article - 21 Dec 2012
    Adoption of electric vehicles has so far been restricted to city centers, because of limitations in battery technology. With the help of nanomaterials, that could all soon change.
  • Article - 12 Dec 2012
    The University of Wisconsin has strong research credentials in the use of nanotechnology for renewable energy applications, and is highly active in national and international scale academic...
  • Article - 16 Nov 2012
    Nanotechnology is being used in more and more consumer products - despite environmental concerns, clothing is currently one of the biggest areas of expansion.
  • Article - 12 Oct 2012
    AZoNano speaks to Lance Criscuolo, CEO of Zyvex Technologies about their materials and vessels, including the recently launched LRV-17 Long Range Vessel.
  • Article - 30 Aug 2012
    Next generation sequencing technologies like nanopore sequencing are opening up new commercial applications for genomics, and nanotechnology is making it happen.
  • Article - 15 Aug 2012
    In this interview, Professor Robert Dorey talks to AZoNano about his work on personal energy generation technologies, which will have many applications in the military sector, as well as in consumer...