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  • News - 20 Jul 2007
    FEI has announced the availability of an all-new software package known as the microValidator. This unique software is designed to deliver rapid validation of FEI's scanning electron microscope...
  • Article - 21 Feb 2014
    The Phenom desktop SEM combines the best of the optical and electron-optical world. The Phenom provides useful images up to 45,000x magnification with high depth of focus.
  • Supplier Profile
    SEC Co., Ltd. has been developing and selling equipment for inspection and analysis for over 20 years. Founded in 1991, our goal has been to develop the highest quality e-beam inspection equipment...
  • Equipment
    The Bruker XFlash® 630 EDS with ESPRIT Compact software is designed for simple or advanced elemental micro-analysis.
  • Expert
    Dr. Lee specializes in the characterization of construction materials and bringing innovation to these projects by tailoring techniques to a specific problem. Selected projects consist of...