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  • Article - 24 Jan 2013
    Nanomaterials have begun to be widely used in environmental remediation, which is based on using highly reactive or absorbent nanomaterials to remove pollutants. The characteristics of these...
  • Article - 3 Jun 2011
    UV-visible range microspectroscopy is an important method used for analyzing biological materials. In this experiment, red blood cells were studied with both UV range microspectroscopy and ultraviolet...
  • Article - 13 Nov 2007
    Nanotechnology is a fascinating science for many scientists as it offers them many challenges. One such challenge is Nanorobots, which once thought to be a fantasy has come into reality now. The...
  • Article - 13 Sep 2006
    Quantum Dots (QDs) have unique optical and electronic properties that make them suitable for breakthrough treatments such as the detection and destruction of cancer cells.