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  • Article - 16 Oct 2019
    Graphene is starting to emerge in many industrial sectors as an alternative - one area that has emerged in the last few years is the use of graphene as a lubricant.
  • Article - 18 May 2019
    Lubricants are any substances that are introduced between surfaces or components that move over each other, with the purpose of reducing the friction between them and thus the wear on them.
  • Article - 28 Mar 2019
    Lubricants are widely used to reduce the friction of mechanical parts and are essential for the protection of equipment/machinery from wear and degradation.
  • Article - 4 Feb 2019
    The Graphene Council is the largest Community for graphene professionals, producers, research application developers and end-users in the world. In this interview, Terrance Barkan, Executive Director...
  • Article - 25 Nov 2014
    Bernd Runge, Vice President of OCSiAL, talks to AZonano about their single wall carbon nanotubes, called TUBALL™ and the benefits of their new partnership program.
  • Article - 25 Jul 2013
    South Korea, located in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula, covers a total area of 100,210 km2 and has a population of 50,424,000.
  • Article - 19 Jul 2013
    Taiwan, located in Eastern Asia, covers a total area of 35,980 km2 and had a population of 23.57m in 2017.
  • Article - 15 Jul 2013
    Japan is an island nation in East Asia. It is situated in the Pacific Ocean and covers a total area of 377,944 km2. As of July 2014, the country has a population of 127,061,000.
  • Article - 2 Jul 2013
    China is located in Eastern Asia and covers a total area of 9,706,961 km2, making it the 4th largest country in the world.
  • Article - 27 Jun 2013
    Romania became a part of NATO in 2004 and the European Union in 2007. Recent changes in government and budget cuts for research could mean that quality researchers are lost to other countries,...