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  • Article - 8 Sep 2015
    Dr. Antonietta Gatti, Scientific Director of Nanodiagnostics, talks to AZoNano about her new book 'Case Studies in Nanotoxicology and Particle Toxicology' published by Elsevier Academic Press, 2015.
  • Article - 11 Jul 2006
    The main focus of Australian skills in the biomedical sub-sector is on products like therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices, and vaccines.
  • Article - 4 Jan 2019
    In this article the topic of 4d printing is discussed, what it is and how it is applied in different application fields
  • Article - 4 Apr 2017
    The antibacterial properties of nanosilver have been successfully applied for a variety of health treatments including intravenous, urinary and tracheal catheters, endotracheal tubes, bone cements,...
  • Article - 17 Dec 2013
    Black silicon is a semiconductor material with a needle-shaped surface structure. It's similar to silicon but with a modified surface that has extremely low reflectivity and a high absorption rate of...
  • Article - 22 Mar 2004
    GP Surgical, a Nashville-based distributor of medical products, today announced the recent FDA approval of TiMESH, a revolutionary, new mesh device for hernia repair. Posted March 11 2004
  • Article - 5 Mar 2020
    Brain implants serve several purposes. By stimulating, recording or blocking neural signals, brain implants can be used to assist scientific and medical research.
  • Article - 21 Mar 2013
    Bioactive materials are used to interact with or have an effect on tissue in the human body. Nanocomposites are a natural choice when designing bioactive materials, as many biological structures and...
  • Article - 20 Jun 2012
    A review of the current and forthcoming nanotechnologies in the military.
  • Article - 9 Jan 2011
    A new word was invented in 2002: "Nanopathology", and that name was used as the title of an FP5 European Commission Project coordinated by Dr. Antonietta Gatti aimed at verifying the "impact of micro...