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  • News - 22 Mar 2010
    The National Science Foundation has awarded $1.65 million to a project led by Washington University in St. Louis physicist Ken Kelton to build an electrostatic levitation chamber that will be...
  • Article - 30 Nov 2018
    This article explains what cryogenics is and what the various applications or cryogenics are
  • Article - 17 Oct 2017
    Resonators are devices used to amplify wavelengths,they exist in many devices and come in many forms. Resonators commonly exist in science as mechanical, acoustic (sound), optical (light), microwave...
  • Article - 27 Feb 2017
    While they have been identified, named and classified, not much is known about the heaviest, radioactive elements at the bottom of the periodic table.
  • Article - 20 Nov 2012
    Arizona is situated in the southwestern region of the United States and encompasses a total area of 295,234 km2. As of 2011, it had a population of 6,482,505.
  • Article - 2 Oct 2013
    Phenom-World recently launched the new generation of their flagship Phenom benchtop SEMs. AZoNano spoke to Phenom-World CEO Emile Asselbergs about the new Phenom, and the company's heritage and...