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  • Article - 25 Jul 2013
    Singapore is an island country located in southeastern Asia between Malaysia and Indonesia. It covers a total area of 697 km2 with a population of 5,850,096 as of 2019.
  • Article - 15 Jul 2013
    Japan is an island nation in East Asia. It is situated in the Pacific Ocean and covers a total area of 377,944 km2. As of July 2014, the country has a population of 127,061,000.
  • Article - 27 Jun 2013
    Poland is situated to the east of Germany in Central Europe, covering an area of 312,685 km2. As of July 2012, the country had a population of 38,415,284.
  • Article - 23 Jun 2013
    Denmark is a Northern European country covering a total area of 43,094 km2. Its population was estimated to be 5,543,453, as of July 2012.
  • Article - 12 Jun 2013
    Italy, a peninsular country, expands into the central Mediterranean Sea, northeast of Tunisia, and covers an overall area of 301,340 km2.
  • Article - 29 May 2013
    Australia is a continent situated between the South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The country spans 7,741,220 km2 and had a population of 22,015,576 as of July 2012.
  • Article - 26 Apr 2013
    In this Thought Leader interview, Dr Yoshiyuki Suda, Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan, talks to...
  • Article - 25 Apr 2013
    Indiana has a very active research and development sector that has close ties to industry. Areas where they are partcularly strong include life sciences and clean technology. This article describes...
  • Article - 13 Mar 2013
    While commercial and industrial nanotech activity in Nebraska is yet to take off, there appears to be a number of areas where nanotechnology could establish itself.
  • Article - 6 Mar 2013
    In 2001, molecular nanowires millions of times tinier than a human hair were developed. Researchers discovered that nudging these tubes with a sharp tube can modify their ability to carry an electric...