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  • Article - 24 Jun 2013
    Favourable government funding and a strong research sector make England a hotspot for nanotechnology developments. Consequentlly, England is worth watching for both nanotech developments and...
  • Article - 10 May 2013
    There are numerous nano-related research projects currently underway in New Jersey and this state appears quite active in the field. There is a concentrated effort in the medical/pharmaceutical which...
  • Article - 4 May 2013
    Metal alkoxides of copper, tantalum, vanadium, zirconium, titanium, hafnium, and aluminum have been explored as precursors to form oxide thin films.
  • Article - 31 Mar 2013
    Silicon nanotubes are tube-like nanoparticles which are made of silicon atoms. They are similar to carbon nanotubes and widely used in the semiconductor industry due to their exceptional...
  • Article - 7 Mar 2013
    Connecticut is situated in the northwestern United States and has a total area of 14,357 km2. The state’s population in 2011 was 3,580,709.
  • Article - 18 Feb 2013
    High-quality synthetic graphene will be an expensive option for the near future - but graphene composites can allow engineers to reap the benefits of the "wonder material" much sooner and at a lower...
  • Article - 1 Feb 2013
    Georgia has a growing technology sector, driven by excellence in nanotechnology research institutions like the Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Article - 11 Dec 2012
    Situated in the west coast of the United States, California has a population of 37,691,912 as of 2011.
  • Article - 20 Nov 2012
    Massachusetts has many organisations committed to promoting nanotechnology as well as exploring the future prospects of nanotechnology.
  • Article - 16 Nov 2012
    Nanotechnology is being used in more and more consumer products - despite environmental concerns, clothing is currently one of the biggest areas of expansion.