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Active Magnetic Field Cancellation for Charge-Beamed Instruments

Mag-NetX is an innovative active control system for the compensation of magnetic field fluctuations, devised for utilization with any charged-beam instrument. It has a proprietary analog controller with digital interface to the user.

Mag-NetX provides more real-time cancellation with continuous monitoring, while supplying the operator with PC based Graphical user interface (GUI), or a simple built-in LCD. Fine tuning without depending on the microscope image is available by using continuous monitoring with measured fields displayed via the GUI. Alternatively, auto-tuning delivers easy start up for standard SEM applications.

Mag-NetX can be configured to your application and requirements with Helmholtz-type configuration. It is available direct mounted inside of enclosures, in a free-standing cage, or mounted in tracks on the walls of the room.

Challenge TMC with your most demanding requirements for both magnetic field compensation and vibration control for scanning and transmission microscopes, ion beam instruments and electron beam lithography.


Real-time monitoring – Continuous monitoring with measured fields displayed via the PC-based GUI allows for fine tuning even without relying on microscope image.

Flexibility for On-site Tuning – Auto-tuning at start up for typical environments and applications, or adjustable on-site tuning for more challenging environments.

Analog Controller with Digital interface – Analog control of Helmolz-type coils results in more precise real-time cancellation. Digital panel provides simple LCD read-out or PC-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) to the user.


  • Several AC and DC cancellation modes available
  • Helmholtz coil pairs for maximum symmetry and uniformity
  • 100x field improvement (typical)
  • Wall-mount and enclosure mounted configuration include plenum-rated cables
  • Optional feedforward compensation of line frequency and harmonics
  • Easy to assemble stainless steel cage, in-room wall-mount systems also available
  • Continuous field cancellation and monitoring
  • Optional custom field creation while suppressing disturbance
  • Dynamic, 100 µs response
  • Graphical User Interface with continuous system monitoring and analysis
  • Accurate field measurement
  • Optional feedforward capability for other inputs
  • Cage systems available in any size

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