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The Dimension Fastscan from Bruker - The Fastest AFM on the Market

John Thornton from Bruker takes us for a tour of the Dimension Fastscan atomic force microscope AFM. This instruments' claim to fame is that it is the fastest AFM on the market. It's speed and ability to scan samples at a rapid rate without sacrificing resolution, combined with 300mm sample chuck, make it ideally suited production environments.

The DME BRR Hybrid SEM/AFM Scans a Single Salt Crystal

The DME BRR microscope makes it possible to investigate surfaces of places one can never find with a conventional AFM + optical microscope combination.

DNase Cleavage of Lambda Digest DNA

DNase1 is an enzyme that nonspecifically cleaves DNA. Here, the Cypher VRS was used to monitor the action of DNase1 on lambda digest DNA.

Corporate Video- Microtrac

This video is an introduction to Microtrac and the type of products it provides.


Whenever varying sample materials are to be analyzed or repeat measurements need to be carried out, the AutoSampler adapts perfectly to the defined measuring routine.

A Video to Show the Capabilities of a 3D Non-Contact Profilometer

The Nanovea Jr25 Profilometer offers exclusive portability and versatility that is unmatched by any other product in the market. Instead of having to prepare a sample, you can bring the Jr25 Profilometer to the sample!

Denaturation of DNA by Potassium Hydroxide

A lambda digest DNA sample was prepared for AFM imaging using a typical preparation where the DNA solution (1 μg/µL λDNA in 10 mM NiCl₂) is allowed to adsorb to a freshly cleaved mica disc.

Demonstration of the Dimension FastScan AFM from Bruker Nano Surfaces

Hartmut Statler from Bruker Nano Surfaces demonstrates the capabilities of the Dimension FastScan, with image refresh rates up to one frame per second or more.

'The Complete Tribology Lab' - The New UMT from Bruker

Bruker's UMT Universal Mechanical Tester. The UMT is the "complete tribology lab" and provides macro, micro and nanoscale tests under real-world conditions. Talking to Bruker's Steve Shaffer and University of Sheffield's Mark Rainforth, they discuss the ease of use and the typical applications of the UMT.

AFM imaging of DNA related structures - Webinar by Prof Alexander Kotlyar

This great webinar by Professor Alexander Kotlyar from Tel Aviv University discusses the use of AFM techniques to analyze the structure of DNA and related structures.

Video to Show CTAB Dynamics App Note - Figure 4

Video captured at 0.95 fps (250 Hz line rate) showing the spontaneous formation of a narrow CTAB grain along the boundary of two orientation domains (upper left).

Particle X-Plorer Software Module - RETSCH TECHNOLOGY

The RETSCH TECHNOLOGY software module Particle X-Plorer is used in both our particle analysis systems CAMSIZER P4 and CAMSIZER X2 and offers the user a wealth of features and possibilities to obtain in-depth knowledge of his sample.

Nanotribometer from CSM Instruments - Features and Applications

Nicholas Randall from CSM Instruments introduces us to their latest nanotribometer which is a compact desktop model featuring improved applied load and tangential force sensors. It is suited to study tribology at the nanoscale.

Tribology and Mechanical Testing Workshop at the University of Sheffield from Bruker Nano Surfaces

On May 22nd 2013 - AZo.TV attended the Tribology and Mechanical Testing Workshop by Bruker Nano-Surfaces at the University of Sheffield. Taking part in workshops and seminars with such experts as Steve Shaffer, PhD - senior applications scientist.

Video to Show Automated Alignment Algorithms

Using analog voltage feedback, the controller monitors power levels and associates them with a specific position, and sets the final position of the motion at the highest power point based on user-defined parameters.

Video to Show the Graphene Flame Retardant Capabilities

In this video graphene demonstrates it's flame retardant capabilities.

A Video Introduction to Tribometers

The Tribometers provide highly accurate and repeatable wear and friction testing compliant to ISO and ASTM standards.

The Malvern Instruments Mastersizer 3000 Particle Size Analyzer

Julie Chen from Malvern Panalytical gives us a tour of the new Mastersizer 3000 particle size analyzer. She outlines the upgrades from the previous generation Mastersizer 2000.

Automotive Application of Nasiol MetalCoat F2

Nasiol MetalCoat F2 is a nano spray ceramic coating which is used on motorcycles' paint surfaces and protects them from sunlight and chemicals. It gives high-gloss, water-repellency and easy-cleaning effect to the surfaces.

A Video Introduction to Yacht Detailing - Nasiol Marine Care Set

Nasiol Marine Care Set is used for sea vehicle protection and yacht detailing.

Leica Microsystems Ergonomy

In this video Wayne Buttermore, Central Regions Sales Manager at Leica Systems talks about the ergonomy of Leica cameras.

Materials Characterization with the NanoIR from Analsys Instruments

Curt Marcott from Light Light Solutions tells us how the NanoIR from Anasys Instruments has opened up new possibilities in materials characterization. Combining AFM and IR spectroscopy provides spatial resolution an order of magnitude better than conventional IR, which enables researchers to do such things as examine nanoparticles in a matrix, or analyze for compositions differences across in interface.

CAMSIZER X2 - Product Video

The quality control of fine powders can be substantially improved with the new CAMSIZER X2: More precise and faster analysis of particle size and particle shape helps to improve the product quality, reduce rejects and save labor costs, energy and raw materials.

Video of Graphene Fire Retardant

Demonstration of graphene coating retarding fire catching and spreading on wooden model house.

Using Nasiol Anti GRM - Anti-Graffiti Nanocoating to Remove of Paint

Nasiol Anti-GRM is a special product of Nasiol Nanocoatings. It protects your building from graffitti attacks. It provides easy-clean effect to the surface and you can now use your walls like an outdoor advertisement area. You can help to boost street art by using this product and you can change the graffiti attacks into seasonal street art shows for people.

Dynamics of CTAB Hemimicelles Captured at 2.4 fps

In this experiment we captured the dynamics of hemicylindrical micelles, formed in a 2 mM CTAB solution, migrating across the surface of HOPG.

Video to Show CTAB Dynamics App Note - Figure 2

Video captured at 5.8 fps (173 ms per frame), showing clearly the rows of CTAB hemimicelles on the HOPG surface and the orientation of the domain boundaries.

Video to Show Graphene Covered Sawdust Undergoing a Smoke and Volatile Compound Suppression Test

This video shows the differing behaviours of graphene and non-graphene covered sawdust undergoing a smoke and volatile compound suppression test.

High Resolution Imaging of DNA Origami at 1 frame/second

Imaged on an Asylum Research Cypher VRS atomic force microscope at 400 Hz, 512×384, 1 frame/second. Playback at 15× the acquisition rate.

RETSCH TECHNOLOGY Company Video - Solutions in Particle Sizing

RETSCH TECHNOLOGY's core competence is to combine innovative particle characterization technology with maximum operating convenience.

Optical Profiler - The ContourGT-X8 from Bruker

Eric Rufe from Bruker Nano Surfaces shows us their ContourGT-X8 optical profiler. It is effectively a 3-dimensional microscope and features the 10th generation of this technology.

Studying Graphene with Raman Spectrometers - The Benefits

Professor Robert J Young of the National Graphene Institute and School of Materials, University of Manchester discusses using Raman Spectroscopy to study graphene.

Examining Atomic Point Defect Dynamics in Bacteriorhodpsin with the Cypher AFM from Asylum Research

This video clip, captured with Asylum's Cypher AFM, shows loosely bound molecules of bacteriorhodopsin moving around on a crystal surface.

Solvent Annealing of a SBS Polymer Thin Film in Chloroform Vapor

Imaged on an Asylum Research Cypher VRS atomic force microscope at 100 Hz with 312×64 pixels using an Olympus AC10 probe for a frame rate of 1.56 fps; playback: 10× acquisition rate (15.6 fps)

A Video to Compare Water Repellents vs Nasiol Wipe-On

Nasiol Wipe-On is the latest product of Nasiol R&D department. Watch now to see how it differs from others.

Video to Show CTAB Dynamics App Note - Figure 3

Video captured at 0.48 fps (250 Hz line rate) showing two CTAB grains of opposite row orientation (upper-left and lower-right) bounded on the left and right by two grains with parallel orientation.

Video of a Graphene Covered Wooden Strip Undergoing a Verticle Burning Test

The video shows the differing behaviours of a graphene covered wooden strip and a non-graphene covered wooden strip undergoing a verticle burning test.

The Zeta-20 Optical Profilometer from Zeta Instruments

Ben Garland from Zeta Instruments demonstrates their Zeta-20 Optical Profilometer which can measure surface and textural properties of materials such as solar cells, microfluidics, biologicals etc. It does this by taking image slices and creating a composite 3-D image featuring real color. Their software package allows easy analysis of surface features and the ability to produce statistical analyses.


The CAMSIZER P4 particle analyzer has been developed to comprehensively characterize dry, free flowing bulk materials.

RETSCH TECHNOLOGY - Motorized Guidance Sheet for CAMSIZER P4

The patented Motorized Guidance Sheet for the RETSCH TECHNOLOGY CAMSIZER P4 was exclusively designed for special applications in order to preferentially orient the particles.

The Multiview AFM/Raman System from Nanonics Imaging

David Lewis from Nanonics Imaging Ltd shows us their Multiview Series of AFM/Raman systems that can be supplied with Renishaw or Horiba Raman systems. Nanonics can also supply the Multiview systems as upgrades to existing Raman systems of total systems.


The quality control of fine powders can be substantially improved with the new CAMSIZER X2: More precise and faster analysis of particle size and particle shape helps to improve the product quality, reduce rejects and save labor costs, energy and raw materials.

Video to Show Verticle Burning Test of Graphene Covered Paper

This video demonstrates the differing behaviours of non-graphene covered and graphene covered paper undergoing a verticle burning test.

VSPARTICLE's VSP-G1 and Tools Enable Solar Energy Conversion and Storage

"There is an immediate need to find renewable and sustainable energy sources that can replace fossil fuels." states Wilson Smith, Associate Professor at TU Delft. According to his experience, new materials can provide us with sustainable technologies improving our ability to convert, store and re-use energy. Professor Smith is an Ambassador of the VSPARTICLE technology, because the VSP-G1 (and deposition accessories) enables the generation of nanoparticles in few minutes, controlling the size and the properties of any semi-conductive and conductive material. Discover more about our tools on: Read more about the Smith Solar Lab:

The SOLVER Nano Atomic Force microscope from NT-MDT

As has been their tradition, NT-MDT have launched another new product at the MRS Fall Meeting held in Boston. This year they launched the SOLVER Nano AFM (atomic force microscope).

Assembly of Collagen Fibrils on Mica

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in humans and other animals. It assembles in vivo into hierarchical structures found in numerous tissues.

Simulation of Fiber Optic Array Alignment

Using Aerotech's A3200 controller, users are able to automatically align multichannel optical devices for assembly.

A Video to Show the Nasiol HomeShine Effect

Do you want to know that how to protect your shower-cabin? Here is Nasiol HomeShine and its unique effect.

Hexapod Six DOF Positioning System - HexGen Video

Aerotech’s HEX500-350HL hexapod is ideal for applications in x-ray diffraction, sensor testing, high-force device manipulation, synchrotron sample or optics adjustment, semiconductor manufacturing and inspection, or satellite sensor testing.

Horiba SZ-100 Nanoparticle Characterization System

The brand new SZ-100, nanoparticle size analyzer/characterization system was on show at Pittcon 2011. Mark Bumiller from Horiba introduces us to the latest addition to their particle size analyzer lineup.

Video to Show Virtual Pivot Point Kinematics

Using the ROTATION command, a user can program offsets based on their desired rotation point and associate different axes of motion with specific rotations within the motion system.

Field of View from A Laser Scanner System

Aerotech's Infinite Field of View software feature solves these problems without compromising on field-of-view OR spot size.

Video to Show CTAB Dynamics App Note - Figure 5

The video here was acquired at 0.95 fps (250 Hz line rate). Images in the application note highlight two examples, both of which show small features that seem to absorb into surrounding grains.

Video to Show How to Coat Items with Graphene

This video demonstrates the ease in which a graphene cover can be sprayed onto a wooden slat.

Electrochemical Strain Microscopy and the Cypher AFM from Asylum Research

Asylum Research introduced the Cypher AFM two years ago. They have now added a new technique called Electrochemical Strain Microscopy to its list of capabilities. Sergei Kalinin from Oak Ridge National Laboratory explains how this technique can be used to characterize electrochemical phenomena at the nanoscale and Roger Proksch from Asylum Research demonstrates how the system produces data and its relevance to the field of battery materials.

Particle Analysis with the CAMSIZER® P4 – Retsch Technology

The CAMSIZER P4 particle analyzer has been developed to comprehensively characterize dry, free flowing bulk materials. Whereas traditional sieve analysis, for example, can only determine the approximate particle size, the CAMSIZER P4 simultaneously measures both particle size and shape – with much more detail and at a higher resolution.

Video Comparing the Rate Wood With and Without a Graphene Cover Burns

In this video graphene demonstrates it's flame retardant capabilities by comparing a graphene covered wooden slab to a non-graphene coated wooden slab.

The EM TIC 3X Milling System from Leica Microsystems

The EM TIC 3X Milling System surpasses conventional slope cutting instruments. It can mill at high rates, cut broad and deep into the sample, and create smooth surfaces resulting in high-quality cross-sections of almost any material, quickly and easily.

Video of Microtrac's Sync - Size and Shape Particle Analyzer

Microtrac’s synchronous size and shape analyzer, Sync, integrates the world’s leading laser diffraction technology with the world’s leading dynamic image analysis technology.

Particle Analysis of Spray Dried Powders - CAMSIZER X2

Particle size analysis of spray dried powders in the RETSCH TECHNOLOGY CAMSIZER X2.

Dynamics Polymer Nanofiber Crystallization

Movie shows a P3HT polymer crystallizing into nanofibers on an HOPG substrate. Imaged on an Asylum Research Cypher VRS atomic force microscope at 520 Hz with 320×256 pixels using an Olympus AC10 probe for a frame rate of 1.93 fps; Playback: 2× the acquisition rate.

A Video Introduction to Mechanical Testers

The Mechanical Tester has been designed with leading edge technologies in order to give the highest accuracy and repeatability on the widest range of measurements.

What is Graphene? - Animated Video by Bluestone Global Tech

An animated video to explain why graphene matters from Bluestone Global Tech

Portable and Versatile Profilometer - Why You Need a 3D Non-Contact Profilometer

The Nanovea Jr25 Profilometer offers exclusive portability and versatility that is unmatched by any other product in the market.

A Video Introduction to Profilometers

A profilometer is a measuring instrument used to measure a surface's profile, in order to quantify its roughness. Critical dimensions as step, curvature, flatness are computed from the surface topography.