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Nanotechnology in Aerospace Videos

Nanotechnology in Aerospace Videos

Space Elevator Made from Carbon Nanotubes

Documentary showcases the future of the . It was once thought as science fiction but the reality of it is closer than we think thanks to the advancement in nanotechnology and carbon nanotubes. Interviews with experts in all disciplines in the scientific community to detail the construction of the space elevator.

Nanobots for Looking After Astronauts' Health During Long Space Flights

Nasa's plan for looking after astronauts' health during long space flights - nanobots!

The Water Bounce Sequel: Repelling Ice with Nano Coatings

GE's scientists at its Global Research center in New York show a lab test of advanced nanotechnology that will one day keep ice from forming on aircraft engine blades and wind turbines.

Space Qualified Piezoelectric Transducers on the Mars Rover – Life on Mars?

Any instrument to survive the trip to and operating conditions on Mars needs to be designed to withstand the most adversary conditions. NASA’s Rover Curiosity has been analyzing mineral probes on the Red Planet for years to find out whether there once was life on Mars.

Atomic Force Microscope Part of Equipment on Phoenix Mars Mission

An atomic force microscope from nanoSurf is set to change our understanding of the make up of the soil on Mars. The AFM is included as part of the instrumentation aboard the Phoenix Mars Lander

The Phoenix Lander AFM Aquires First Image of Martian Dust

This animation is a scientific illustration of the operation of NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander's Atomic Force Microscope, or AFM. The AFM is part of Phoenix's Microscopy, Electrochemistry, and Conductivity Analyzer, or MECA.

Cleanroom Nano-Positioning & Precision Automation Equipment Manufacturing at PI

Optics, Semiconductors, Aerospace, Photonics, Medical Devices - many industries require parts to be manufactured in extremely clean conditions.

High Performance Piezo Transducers for the Mars Rover – Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life

Any instrument to survive the trip to and operating conditions on Mars needs to be designed to withstand the most adversary conditions.

Magnetic Levitation - Future of Nanopositioning

Discover how magnetic levitation can be used for next level high-precision positioning and the future of nanopositioning.

The Carbon Nanotube Space Elevator

This animated video from the Institute for Scientific Research Inc. demonstrates how carbon Nanotubes could be used to produce a space elevator.

Introduction to COMS 2014 - Emerging Technologies for 21st Century Energy and Health Solutions

Presented by MANCEF and the University of Utah Center for Engineering Innovation at the Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City, COMS 2014 is the 19th edition of the international conference on commercializing micro- and nanotechnology.

Mixing Carbon Nanotubes with Biomass Materials

Traditionally electrical charges are carried and sometimes shielded using metal but this isn't ideal- especially if the current has to run past or through explosive material like petrol tanks. The solution: Carbon Nanotubes. Microphase have mixed polymers (extracted from biomass) with their nanotubes and produced stronger, safer, and more electrically conductive materials then their metallic equivalent. According to Microphase, some of the most recent Boeing aircrafts employ this technology.

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