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MRS 2010 Fall Meeting Video Interviews Videos

MRS 2010 Fall Meeting Video Interviews Videos

Nanotribometer from CSM Instruments - Features and Applications

Nicholas Randall from CSM Instruments introduces us to their latest nanotribometer which is a compact desktop model featuring improved applied load and tangential force sensors. It is suited to study tribology at the nanoscale.

The Contour GT Optical Profiler and AcuityXR Measurement Mode

Ross Smith from Bruker introduces us to the easy to operate Contour GT Optical/Surface Profilers.

XE-100 Series AFMs from Park Systems

Dr. Sang-il Park, the CEO of Park Systems shows us their XE-100 series general purpose AFMs. He explains how the use of a x-y scanner and decoupled z scanner produces very flat scans and how their system can operate in a true non-contact mode to produce accurate, high resolution images, with excellent reproducibility. The XE-100 series AFMs can be adapted to measure electrical, magnetic, mechanical and optical properties in addition to topographical properties. Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) technology is also explained.

Electrochemical Strain Microscopy and the Cypher AFM from Asylum Research

Asylum Research introduced the Cypher AFM two years ago. They have now added a new technique called Electrochemical Strain Microscopy to its list of capabilities. Sergei Kalinin from Oak Ridge National Laboratory explains how this technique can be used to characterize electrochemical phenomena at the nanoscale and Roger Proksch from Asylum Research demonstrates how the system produces data and its relevance to the field of battery materials.

The NHT2 Nanoindentation Tester and AFM from CSM Instruments

Nicholas Randall from CSM Instruments shows us the NHT2 Nanoindentation tester which combines a nanoindenter and AFM in one compact, affordable desktop unit. The unit has been re-designed and now features liquid compatibility, a wider load range and multi sample capability. It also does away with the need for an optical microscope by using two video cameras, proving a side view and a top view.

The Multiview AFM/Raman System from Nanonics Imaging

David Lewis from Nanonics Imaging Ltd shows us their Multiview Series of AFM/Raman systems that can be supplied with Renishaw or Horiba Raman systems. Nanonics can also supply the Multiview systems as upgrades to existing Raman systems of total systems.

The OmegaScope AFM-Raman from AIST-NT

AIST-NT's Alexander Yalovenko shows us their OmegaScope AFM-Raman instrument. Based on their proven fast scanning Smart-SPM, The OmegaScope includes either single or 3 laser Raman capabilities that can access the sample from the top or side. The OmegaScope alsoe featured objectiove lenses up 100x magnification.

Demonstration of ContourGT Optical Profiler with AcuityXR Technology from Bruker

Chris Orsulak from Bruker shows us the ContourGT Optical Profiler, which is a white light interferometric optical profiler.

Cryogenic Micro-Manipulated Probe Stations from Lake Shore Cryotronics

Brad Dodrill takes us for a tour of the Lake Shore Cryotronics cryogenic micromanipulator probe station. He shows us briefly how they work and explains the materials that they are typically used to characterize such as nanoscale electronics, nanodots, nanowires, nanotubes, electronics, semiconductors, superconductors and spintronics.

The FlexAFM from Nanosurf and Accessories for Research Applications

David Faddis from Nanosurf shows us through the FlexAFM, a full featured atomic force microscope designed for research applications. It features a modular design and flexure stage which minimizes background movement. The design also includes a decoupled z-piezo and a unique interchangeable nose cone allowing it to be used in either air or liquid media for biological samples.

The SmartSPM from AIST-NT

In this video we learn about the SmartSPM from AIST-NT. We see a demonstration of how easy the SmartSPM is to set up, and in the space of a few minutes have even taken a series of measurements.

The New LensAFM from Nanosurf - For Optical Microscopes and Profilers

David Faddis from Nanosurf takes us for a tour of their new LensAFM. The LensAFM has been designed for users who want to add extra capabilities to their optical microscopes and profilers and is easily adaptable to these systems. Switching between AFM and optical microscopy/profiler modes is easy as is demonstrated in this video.

Delong America's LVEM5 Benchtop TEM

Jared Lapkovsky from Delong America shows us the LVEM5, which is the only benchtop TEM on the market.

Mountains Map 6 Software for Texture and Roughness Analysis from Digital Surf

Digital Surf have released the latest version of the texture and roughness analysis software, Mountains Map 6. This software package is suited to instruments such as optical profilometers, confocal microscopes, scanning probe and atomic force microscopes and can deal with samples as large as automotive panels down to AFM size of just a few microns. The latest version of Mountain Map has new features such as phase overlay and 64-bit compatibility for accelerated analysis.