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Nanotechnology in Semiconductors Videos

Candela 7100 Series from KLA

This video provides an overview of Candela 7100 series from KLA-Tencor. This series is designed for advanced defect inspection and classification of hard disk drive substrates and media and has enhanced sensitivity and classification capabilities.

Incorporating Molecular Monolayers into Electronic Devices

Adina Scott of Purdue University explores recent interest into incorporating molecular monolayers into electronic devices for sensing, nanoelectronic, energy conversion and biological applications. Device properties can be modulated using surface chemistry, leading to flexible fabrication schemes and new system functionalities.

Fast Response Time of Brooks Instrument's SLA5800 Series Mass Flow Controller

This video shows the fast response performance of SLA5800 Series MFC (mass flow controller) from Brooks Instrument.

KlearPoint Real-Time Tool Monitoring System from KLA

This video illustrates a unique service model called KlearPoint, which utilizes KLA experts to manage tool performance using real-time tool monitoring. KlearPoint can be included in service agreements to enhance tool performance and productivity for global customers.

Technology for Forming Thin, Lightweight, Bendable Displays

At nano tech 2009, technology for forming thin, lightweight, bendable displays was presented, from the NEDO project on "Technological Development of Super-Flexible Display Components." Most ordinary semiconductor devices are made using vacuum processes such as deposition. For example, liquid crystal displays are made by forming arrays of color filters and transistors on a glass substrate.

RPMBlue-FS PL Mapping Tool from Nanometrics for Compound Semiconductor Users

This video demonstrates the functioning of the RPMBlue-FS photoluminescence (PL) mapping system from Nanometrics. This PL mapping tool can also be fitted with a robotic handler when required.

Sputtering Manufacturing Process from SemicoreEquipment

This video shows SemicoreEquipment’s sputtering manufacturing process. This process starts when a substrate to be coated is placed in a vacuum chamber containing an inert gas.

Next-Generation Optical Technology Using Imprinting

From the NEDO project on "Next-Generation Nano- Structured Photonic Device and Process Technology," a next-generation optical technology using imprinting was presented at nano tech 2009. In this project, the aim is to make new optical elements by forming nanostructures on a glass surface.

Home Video in Five Dimensions

First there was VHS, then DVD. Now, Blu-ray is the hottest trend in home video. Nanotech correspondent Alex Fiorentino reveals how scientists at the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia have invented a new optical technology that could change the face of home video yet again: data storage in five dimensions. Watch this videocast to learn more about these high-capacity discs and find out how soon they will be available

PUMA Darkfield Patterned Wafer Inspectors from KLA Tencor

This video shows the PUMA family of laser imaging, darkfield patterned wafer inspectors from KLA Tencor. The high-speed wafer inspectors are highly sensitive, and have unique optical modes as well as multiple pixel options.

Introduction to Nanotechnology and Photolithography

An introduction to the world of nanotechnology and the use of photolithography. Shot at Cornell Nanoscale Facility and produced for Too Small To See.

Super-High Flow Control Performance and Accuracy of SLA5800 Series MFC

This video shows the super-high flow control performance and accuracy of SLA5800 Series MFC (mass flow controller) from Brooks Instrument.

K-T Certified Products from KLA Tencor

This video talks about KLA-Tencor certified products. The K-T Certified division was created in January 2004 and offers predictability in time, cost and performance.

An Inside Look at an Intel 45nm Chip Factory

This video takes the viewer through the manufacturing process of an Intel 45nm chip factory. The technology behind the 45nm chip and the machine and process required for manufacturing one of the world's smallest transistors.

OLED Display Screen and Future Applications of OLEDs

A video clip showing the new release of Sony's 3mm thick OLED display screen. It is made from supertop emission technology combined with microcavity structure and color filters. Picture clarity from different angles while maintaining picture quality. Utilise Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) which is both energy efficient and easier to produce. Discussion of future applications of OLED.

Cryogenic Micro-Manipulated Probe Stations from Lake Shore Cryotronics

Brad Dodrill takes us for a tour of the Lake Shore Cryotronics cryogenic micromanipulator probe station. He shows us briefly how they work and explains the materials that they are typically used to characterize such as nanoscale electronics, nanodots, nanowires, nanotubes, electronics, semiconductors, superconductors and spintronics.

IBM Use Self Assembly to Create Airgaps in Microprocessors

IBM is applying a utilising a new form of Nanotech based self assembly in polymeric coatings to create the next generation of chip designs.

Next Step Towards Building Molecular Device

Science magazine recently published a report on a nanoscience breakthrough by scientists of IBM's Zurich Research Laboratory in collaboation with colleagues at the University of Regensburg, Germany and the University of Utrecht, Netherlands.

Nanostructures for Electromaterial

Electromaterials underpin modern society. They are materials that conduct electricity and can be found in the batteries that power our cameras and many modern appliances. The battery provides energy through the ability to move electrons from one electrode to the other an ability strongly dependant on the size of the materials.

IBM Research Creates Worlds Smallest 3D Map

IBM scientists have created the smallest 3D map of the earth - so small that 1,000 maps could fit on a grain of salt*. The scientists accomplished this through a new, breakthrough technique that uses a tiny, silicon tip with a sharp apex -- one million times smaller than an ant -- to create patterns and structures as small as 15 nanometers at greatly reduced cost and complexity. This patterning technique opens new prospects for developing nanosized objects in fields such as electronics, future chip technology, medicine, life sciences, and opto-electronics.

Atoms to X-rays: NanoCircuits, NanoOrgans and NanoArt

UCSD chemist Mike Sailor showcases how complex structures of near molecular dimensions, called nano structures, are being developed for diverse applications from increasing computer performance to new tools for medicine and even art.

Nanotechnology and Carbon Nanotube Electronics

The Stanford Nanoelectronics Group presents "Nanotechnology - Carbon Nanotube Electronics", a short educational video on nanotechnology and carbon nanotubes

Metrology for Semiconductor Process Control from Bruker Nano

This video shows the metrology for semiconductors process control from Bruker Nano.

Zikon's Nanotechnology-Based Electronic Ink

Mateusz Bryning, CTO of Zikon, explains the companies new electronic ink technology that, he says, could even be used to produce color-changing fingernails.

Production of Single and Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes

This video shows in detail how multi walled and single walled Carbon Nanotubes are produced. Example applications are provided of aligned nanotubes in flat screen displays, hydrogen storage for automobiles and the potential for nanotube switching in microelectronics

Introduction to COMS 2014 - Emerging Technologies for 21st Century Energy and Health Solutions

Presented by MANCEF and the University of Utah Center for Engineering Innovation at the Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City, COMS 2014 is the 19th edition of the international conference on commercializing micro- and nanotechnology.

Flow Meter and Flow Controller Solutions by Brooks Instrument

This video from Brooks Instrument shows the reliable and accurate flow meter and flow controller solutions that are used in various industries such as oil, gas and petrochemicals, biopharmaceuticals, micro-electronics, solar and alternative energy, LED, analytical instrumentation, medical devices, and catalyst research & process intensification.

Magnetic Heads with Ultra-High Resolution for Next-Generation Hard Disk Drives

At nano tech 2009, magnetic heads with ultra-high resolution for next-generation hard disk drives were presented, from NEDO's project on "Development of Nano Narrow Magnetic Wall Type Hard Disk Drive Magnetic Head Device by Self-Organizing Nano Patterning Method."