Delong America's LVEM5 Benchtop TEM

Jared Lapkovsky from Delong America shows us the LVEM5, which is the only benchtop TEM on the market. Further increasing its versatility, it can also be used as a benchtop FE-SEM, an STM and an optical microscope. The user can easily access each modes using the software.

The LVEM5 has a resolution of 2nm in TEM mode and 3nm in SEM mode. It uses a low voltage field emission electron source, which has enabled Delong to miniaturize the TEM and in the process minimize damage to samples, making ideal for delicate and organic samples. The low voltage operation also allows high contrast imaging.

It is ideally suited to education, research and laboratory applications as it is quick to learn, affordable, compact and is capable of processing large numbers of samples.

Run Time - 4:38min

The Delong LVEM5 Benchtop TEM

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