High-Temperature Module (HTM-400) for High-Temperature Mechanical Properties Testing

The latest HTM-400 high-temperature module from Alemnis can be effortlessly retrofitted to the Alemnis Standard Assembly (ASA). The module can be used in the atmosphere up to a temperature of 200°C.

For higher temperatures, the indenter must be utilized in a vacuum (for instance, within an SEM). The sample and tip are heated separately.

The HTM-400 module includes the following components:

  • One indenter holder with a heating capability of up to 400°C (in vacuum)
  • Three thermal sensors (with less than 0.1°C resolution)
  • Chiller and water circulation
  • Cooling braids, tubing, and plate, as well as feedthroughs for the pipes
  • SEM feedthroughs for power sensors and temperature
  • A single sample holder with a heating potential of up to 400°C (in vacuum)
  • Heating power and control, cables, connectors, and electronics
  • High-temperature control software (two individual temperature control loops are available— one for the sample and one for the tip)

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