Carbon Core High-Resolution (CCHR) AFM Probe from Carbon Design Innovations

Carbon Design Innovations' (C|D|I) carbon core high-resolution probes (CCHR) atomic force microscopy (AFM) start with a core carbon nanotube (CNT) that is then further processed and stabilized with patented technology resulting in a CNT probe with maximum resolution, imaging lifetime and stability.

The CCHR high-resolution CNT AFM probes are designed for detailed imaging in metrology and materials science applications. The standard CNT probe length is 500 nm, with the exposed CNT tip <200 nm.

Carbon Nanotube (CNT) probes can offer more robust material properties than traditional silicon probes. CNT probes are not brittle and do not wear down as rapidly as silicon probes allowing for greater than 10X longer imaging lifetime. CCHR probes have true multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs), securely mounted, perfectly straight, and normal to the imaging surface. C|D|I uses MWCNTs for its probes to ensure the probe is extremely tough. C|D|I proprietary processes securely attach the CNT to the cantilever and re-enforce the base attachment to ensure the CNT is securely mounted. C|D|I technology allows the manufacture of probes with all the advantages of a CNT tip and the stability and familiarity of a silicon cantilever.


  • Stabilized, robust CNT probe on a standard cantilever
  • High-resolution CNT tip with the convenience of a silicon cantilever
  • Longer lifetime allows users compare samples with the same probe with no loss of resolution
  • Reduced breakage, wear and contamination
  • Precise length, diameter and angle deliver consistent probe-to-probe results


  • CNT diameter <40nm
  • Overall CNT length: <500nm, Exposed CNT length: < 200nm,
  • Proprietary stabilization coatings
  • Imaging lifetime >10X that of silicon probes
  • Available with 12KHz and 70KHz cantilever CCHR Cantilever Characteristics
  • Radius of curvature <10nm
  • Aspect Ratio > 100:1
  • Angular Displacement < 2º
  • Variable spring constants available

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