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Renishaw Raman with Fully Integrated AFM

Renishaw Raman with Fully Integrated AFM

Renishaw have developed optimised direct coupling technology making the inVia Raman microscope the perfect partner for coupling to a wide variety of SPM's, offering Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS), near-field techniques (SNOM, NSOM) and Raman-AFM capabilities.

The inVia Raman microscope offers the potential for coupling to any SPM or AFM, with fully integrated systems available with scanners from NT-MDT.

Nanotechnology visualisation and analysis systems for research and industry

  • Measure physical properties at molecular resolution and chemical analysis at the sub-micrometer scale
  • Simultaneous Raman and AFM guarantees correlation between images
  • One platform solution provides confidence, reliability, and ease of use.

The Renishaw fully integrated Raman with AFM from NT-MDT features:

  • Simultaneous Renishaw Raman and AFM imaging, with image overlay
  • AFM for high spatial resolution images:
    high-specification, ultra-low-noise NT-MDT NTEGRA
  • Raman microscopy for unambiguous chemical identification: fully-flexible Renishaw inVia Raman microscope
  • Fully TERS capable (tip-enhanced Raman scattering)
  • Highly efficient direct optical coupling (no optical fibres) minimises Raman measurement times
  • inVia supports a wide range of Raman excitation wavelengths, enabling the analysis of the most challenging materials
  • Available with upright and inverted geometry microscopes
  • Integrated software control from a single computer

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