Malvern Instruments Launches 64-Bit Edition of ISys Chemical Imaging Data Analysis Software

Malvern Instruments has launched a 64-bit edition of the company's highly respected ISys chemical imaging data analysis software, which has applications across a number of different technologies. ISys provides a single platform that supports the import of MIR, NIR and Raman imaging and mapping data files from a variety of vendors. It includes all the tools needed to intuitively understand chemical imaging data in spectral (chemical) and spatial (image) dimensions simultaneously. Thirty-day trial versions of both the new 64-bit edition and established 32-bit editions can be downloaded free of charge from the Malvern website at .

Already the most powerful and comprehensive software package in its class, the original 32-bit ISys was developed from the ground up for the visualization and analysis of multi-dimensional data – specifically for chemical imaging and mapping. As increasing numbers of researchers now invest in 64-bit PCs and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows for easier handling of large amounts of data (including large maps and concatenated images), the 64-bit edition of ISys permits manipulation of even the largest imaging datasets.

Compared to Windows 32-bit, which tops out at around 3GB of memory, the Windows 64-bit (x64) edition currently supports up to 128GB of RAM, enabling applications to run faster when working with large data sets. Applications can preload substantially more data into virtual memory, allowing rapid access by the 64-bit processor. With much more addressable memory, the speed of memory-intensive applications and processes is greatly enhanced, for more Chemical Imaging in less time.

64-bit PC processors and 64-bit editions of Microsoft Windows were specifically designed for workstation-class applications, including CAD and large databases, as well as scientific and engineering applications such as image processing. ISys is a perfect example of the class of applications that these systems were designed to execute with far greater capacities. Similar to Windows, the 64-bit edition of ISys contains the same familiar interface found on the 32-bit edition. Users can also be assured that the long, rigorous development history for the heavily-tested and widely deployed 32-bit version of ISys is maintained in this new 64-bit release.

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