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Application of Light Scattering Discussed at Malvern Protein Science Workshop

An invitation for Malvern Instruments to chair a workshop on Analytical/Biophysical Techniques at the Protein Science Forum 2009 held in November last year saw the company's Hanna Jankevics in the hot seat surrounded by some 25 workshop participants.

The two-day Protein Science Forum was hosted in Reading (UK) by Evotec, a leader in the discovery and development of novel small molecule drugs. The main themes for the 2009 event were membrane proteins, protein engineering, cloning and expression technologies, purification technologies, analytical & biophysical techniques, and applications to drug discovery. With the participation of Evotec and BMG Labtech, Malvern arranged an informal workshop which discussed: the application of light scattering in protein science, microplate based assays and NMR screening.

Dr. Hanna Jankevics from Malvern Instruments was pleased with the interactive nature of the workshop. “The application of light scattering prompted participants to raise a wide range of questions about the growing utility and importance of light scattering techniques in protein characterization,” said Dr Jankevics. “It was a privilege for Malvern to be able to chair the workshop and to have had the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with leading researchers in protein science.”

Malvern’s range of tools for protein characterization includes the Zetasizer family of light scattering systems which provide a variety of options for protein size, zeta potential and molecular weight measurement. As well as the market leading Zetasizer Nano which can combine all three measurements in a single system, the range includes systems such as the Zetasizer MicroV which is dedicated to the measurement of protein size and molecular weight using as little as 2 microlitres of sample.

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