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New Download from Malvern on Laser Diffraction Particle Size Method Development Guidance

Recently published and now available for download on the Malvern Instruments website, 'Method development for laser diffraction particle size analysis' by diffraction specialist Dr Anne Virden provides practical guidance on developing robust analytical methods.

Her article describes the process with reference to ISO13320 (2009), the international standard for laser diffraction particle size analysis, and other guidance documents.

Successful method development depends on rigorous and systematic examination of all the factors known to influence results, including sampling, dispersion/sample prep and measurement conditions. 'Method development for laser diffraction particle size analysis' considers each of these issues in turn, helping answer questions such as: whether to measure wet or dry; what dispersant to use; are the dispersion conditions breaking the particles of interest; and how to check the developed method is a good one.

Over the last decade considerable progress has been made in the area of method development, by Malvern and others. The latest version of ISO13320 reflects this and includes a substantial amount of advice. At Malvern a major focus is to grow and disseminate the information available, through education and software, such that laser diffraction can be used successfully for an ever increasing variety of applications. Read Anne Virden's paper at

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