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New Technical Notes from Malvern Highlights the Benefits of the Zetasizer µV for SEC Analysis

Two new, free to download, technical notes from Malvern Instruments describe the function and benefits of using the Zetasizer µV as a detector for size exclusion chromatography (SEC), focusing on its suitability for protein characterization.

Capable of dynamic (DLS) and static light scattering (SLS) detection, the compact Zetasizer ìV simultaneously measures absolute size and molecular weight, maximizing the information produced by each measurement to increase experimental productivity. The OmniFACE connection interface from Malvern Instruments (Malvern, UK) enables the Zetasizer µV light scattering detector to be readily integrated into any third party size exclusion chromatography (SEC) system. details how to connect the Zetasizer µV to your existing SEC system to enhance functionality.. It explains how to make the all necessary fluidic and electrical connections to the chromatograph, OmniFACE and the Zetasizer µV to begin data collection. Examples illustrating connection to the most popular SEC systems are provided. describes the advantages of using the Zetasizer ìV for SEC measurements in the characterization of proteins. These include: automated operation to give both protein size and molecular weight, complete integration with the SEC software, rapid switching between batch and chromatography modes, and a low volume flow cell to minimize band-broadening.

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