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MiniVap™ Blowndown Sample Concentrator for R&D Departments from Porvair

The MiniVap™ Blowdown Sample Concentrator from Porvair Sciences is purpose designed for research and development departments that need to dry smaller numbers of individual microplates or HPLC vials.

The compact MiniVap is simple to operate and requires minimal ongoing maintenance. To install - a MiniVap requires only connection to a gas supply and standard mains socket. Safety of operation is ensured as the CE marked unit fits into all fume cupboards.

Offering manual fine control of needle depth, gas temperature and flow rate - the affordably priced MiniVap can be easily optimised to produce faster drying times than other entry level lab evaporators.  MiniVap takes just minutes to remove volatile organic solvents from your samples collected in 24- or 96-well microplates and HPLC vials.

Porvair sample concentrators are designed to remove the traditional laboratory ‘bottleneck’ of solvent evaporation from microplates and HPLC vials prior to analysis or reconstitution in storage buffer. These concentrators give significant throughput advantages to laboratories looking to optimise sample preparation productivity. Faster than centrifugal evaporation, significant increases in sample throughput are achieved through advanced evaporator head technology and an innovative manifold design, which directly injects heated nitrogen into each individual well of the microplate simultaneously. 

For further information on the MiniVap please visit or contact Porvair Sciences on +44-1978-666239 or [email protected]

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