Carl Zeiss NTS, Electron and Ion Beam Microscopy For Semiconductor Metrology Systems and Nano Technology Systems

Nanotechnology Area

Electron and Ion Beam Microscopy

Description of Activities

Carl Zeiss NTS serves the global nano manufacturing and testing equipment markets.

Carl Zeiss NTS and its four divisions Lithography Optics, Laser Optics, Nano Technology Systems and Semiconductor Metrology Systems focus their operations on two main markets Lithography Imaging Solutions and Process Control Solutions.

Nanotechnology Systems

The Nano Technology Systems Division of Carl Zeiss NTS provides its customers with the latest leading-edge E-Beam technology. Within this division you will find over four decades of accumulated experience in the field of scanning electron microscopy and six decades of experience in the field of transmission electron microscopy.

The company’s extensive know-how, which nowadays also comprises ion-beam technology and e-beam based analysis technology enable Carl Zeiss NTS to deliver innovative solutions for your business.

Semiconductor Metrology Systems Division

The Semiconductor Metrology Systems Division of Carl Zeiss NTS develops, manufactures, and markets equipment for the semiconductor industry. SMS concentrates its activities on solutions for inspection and repair of photomasks, which carry the complete structural information for manufacturing the most complex microchips. With core expertise in light and electron optics and comprehensive knowledge of the essential manufacturing processes of semiconductor devices, SMS provides its customers a unique solution assuring a leading position in the global market.

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