Nanoparticle Analysis with the NanoTweezer from Optofluidics

The NanoTweezer system from Optofluidics is a reversible, high-throughput imaging system that combines the patented optically resonant nanotweezer chips with custom benchtop instrument.

Unlike, traditional optical tweezers, the chip-based photonic resonance trapping technology enables manipulation and analysis of objects without causing damage to their structure.

The chips can be directly interfaced to the existing microscopy or spectroscopy instruments using a dedicated microscope.

Key Features

The main features of the NanoTweezer system include:

  • Patented chip-based photonic resonance trapping technology for manipulation and analysis of smaller objects
  • Can be integrated to existing microscopy equipment
  • Flow and Laser Control
  • Particles can be analyzed in its native acqueous environment
  • Microscope Adapter
  • Optional features like camera and microscope

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