Advanced Microscopy, SPM, AFM and SEM Image Processing - SPIP™ Software

SPIP™ is a professional software package that provides industrial and academic researchers with an advanced toolkit for working with microscope images, profiles and force curve data, including correcting and noise reduction, analysis and inspection, visualization and reporting of analysis results.

Strongly rooted in metrology, SPIP™ is known for its resulting analysis and processing accuracy and detail. Comprehensive visualization tools allow adjustment and personalization of image presentations, and the customizable automation tools ensure efficiency and productivity for the user.

SPIP™ supports many microscope types including scanning probe microscopes (SPM, AFM, STM, SNOM, etc.), electron microscopes (SEM, TEM), interference microscopes, confocal microscopes, optical microscopes, and profilers along with their file formats.

SPIP™ can be configured to individual user needs by selecting an appropriate package or by selecting individual features with the desired functionality. SPIP™ can be handled with ease by both skilled researchers and amateurs.

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Main Features of SPIP

Correction and Enhancement

  • Plane correction (flattening)
  • Spatial filtering and FFT filtering
  • Interpolation of bad lines or bad points
  • Tip characterization and deconvolution
  • Image / curve arithmetic
  • XY linearity analysis and correction
  • XY and Z calibration
  • Pixels to micron scaling of SEM and TEM images
  • Mirror and rotation
  • Image alignment
  • ..and much more

Inspection and Analysis

  • Particle & Pore Analysis incl. Classification
  • Roughness Analysis (ISO standards)
  • Hardness indent analysis
  • Histogram analysis
  • Void and material volume analysis
  • Cross correlation and Correlation Averaging
  • Fourier transform analysis (FFT)
  • Linearity analysis
  • Gradient and integral images
  • Cross-section profile analysis
  • Interactive measure tool analysis
  • Zoom and pan
  • Area of Interest analysis
  • Contrast enhancement
  • Force curve analysis incl. modulus calculation and wlc fitting
  • IV (CITS) curve analysis incl. density of state calculation etc.
  • Time lapse movies
  • ..and much more


  • 2D images with optional scale bar
  • 3D projection with image overlay
  • Windowed or full screen view
  • Customize colours, fonts and line widths for publication or presentation
  • Define custom colour scales
  • Print or export to graphics formats
  • ..and much more

Ease of use and productivity

  • Modern adaptive ribbon based interface
  • Multi curve analysis, e.g. force curves or roughness profiles
  • Synchronization of tools across images
  • Scripting functionality
  • Batch processing of many files
  • Templated reporting
  • User functions via plug-in interface
  • Automatically open new files in a monitored folder
  • Integration with third party programs via command line

Examples of Functions in SPIP™ Version 6

Particle & pore analysis applied to various types of particles, pores and grains
Classify particles or pores
Trace fibers and measure distances using particle analysis and profiling tools
Use area of interest masks and cross sections for analysis and processing
Create 3D projections and animation movies for your presentations
Enhance structures using correlation averaging
Remove noise using one of many filters in SPIP™
Analyse force curves: Critical events, Hertz/DMT/JKR models, WLC models, etc.
Calculate modulus maps and analyse curves from force volume images
Analyse the roughness of images or profiles according to various standards
Characterize your tip and de-convolute your images
Calibrate and correct your microscope images
Filter or analyse structures using FFT spectrum analysis
Inspect or aalyse IV curves and CITS images

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