Precise and Rapid 3D Stitching of Topographical Images Using topoStitch Software

The topoStitch™ from Image Metrology is user-friendly and flexible software for stitching overlapping or adjacent images into one big image.

With its modern and easy to use interface TopoStitch™ users can effortlessly create accurate 3D stitches of topographic images from their SPM, interferometer, profiler, or confocal microscope. In addition TopoStitch™ can stitch grey scale images.

The software supports more than 100 file formats.

Key Features

  • Manual layout: Semi-transparent rendering and advanced snapping makes it simple to place and adjust images manually
  • Interactive grid tool: Allows the user to adjust overlap and skew for their images easily
  • Grid layout wizard: Helps the user to lay out their images in seconds, when stage positions are not present
  • Recent grid layouts: topoStitch™ provides one-click access to the user’s recent layouts that contains overlap, grid size and skewness
  • Sorting options: The user can sort their source images by creation time, load time, name or offset
  • Automatic layout: If the images include stage position information, all images are set automatically
  • Metrology grade precision: The enhanced stitching engine in topoStitch™ enables the user to produce seamless and perfect stitches
  • Automatic 3D rotation and XY translation: Sub-pixel correlation algorithms enhance the user’s productivity by automatically rotating and aligning their images during the process of stitching
  • Automation: topoStitch™ can be seamlessly controlled by external programs and is capable of carrying out automated stitching
  • Up to 4 billion pixels: Performance optimization and advanced memory handling allows the user to stitch hundreds and even thousands of grayscale and 3D images up to 4,000 MP (e.g. 65,000 x 65,000 pixels)
  • 100+ file formats supported: topoStitch™ supports 100+ file formats from profilers, AFMs, SPMs, interferometers, STMs and confocal microscopes. topoStitch™ makes use of the powerful file reading engine from SPIP™, which is matchless for topographic image data
  • Workspace axis direction: Workspace axis direction can be set by the users to suit their instrument
  • Advanced open options: Users can select only to load one channel when opening files
  • Integrated tutorial: Users can easily get started in minutes with the built-in hints
  • Export options: Stitched images can be exported by the user to presentation format (.png, .tiff, .bmp, .jpg) or topographic format (.bcrf)
  • Themes: The user can select between four different UI themes

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