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TacticID®–N: Handheld Narcotics Identification

The TacticID®–N is a field-ready handheld instrument specifically designed for non-destructive forensic analysis of pharmaceutical drugs, cutting agents, narcotics, and precursors by law enforcement personnel. It allows users to obtain real-time actionable identification and analysis of unidentified narcotics, pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals, and other substances while reducing operational uncertainty and response time.

As a standard, the TacticID®-N comes with a comprehensive library of almost 1,000 illicit substances including pharmaceutical drugs, precursors, narcotics, and cutting agents. In addition, users have access to regular library updates to continuously maintain up-to-date identification capabilities and be aware of emerging narcotics.


The main applications of the TacticID®–N are as follows:

  • Non-destructive narcotic drug identification
  • Actionable identification of illicit substances
  • Identification of cutting agents, pharmaceutical drugs, and precursors


The key features of the TacticID®–N are given below:

  • Narcotics library
  • Advanced mixture analysis
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Non-destructive analysis
  • Remote tablet operation
  • Touch screen quick notes
  • Color-coded result screens


The key specifications of the TacticID®–N are given in the table below:

Excitation Wavelength 785 nm
Laser Output Power Up to 300 mW, software adjustable
Spectral Range 176 cm-1 to 2900 cm-1
Spectral Resolution ~ 9 cm-1 @ 912 nm
Detector Type Linear CCD Array
Display High Brightness & High Resolution Touch Screen
Software TacticID OS (Embedded), & TacticID Software (PC)
Data Formats .txt, .csv, .spc, .pdf
Libraries Narcotics, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Cutting Agents, Precursors
Connectivity Ethernet, Wi-Fi, & USB Compatible
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion, >5 hrs Continuous Operation
or Surefire 123 option
AC Adapter DC 18 V, 1.67 A
Weight < 2 lbs (~0.9 kg)
Size 7.5 in x 3.9 in x 2.0 in (19 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm)
Operating Temperature -20 °C to +50 °C
Storage Temperature -30 °C to +60 °C
Protection IP65
Languages English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese,
Arabic, Korean, Polish, Russian


Technical Details


As a standard, the TacticID-N comes with B&W Tek’s proprietary TacticID Operating System (TOS) installed within the unit, which allows for library, identification, and data storage/transfer. The TacticID software (TID) is programmed for use on PCs for data and report management, allowing customers to export data and create reports.

The TacticID-N also offers Wi-Fi synchronization capabilities with network terminals to optimize time and resources. The TacticID OS is also capable of data and results transfer as well as easy library export.

TacPac Adaptor

The TacPac adaptor, which is included, enables easy and accurate identification of street heroin and other traditionally difficult Raman samples. The adaptor uses surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS), which is an advanced identification method that provides law enforcement users around the world with a new tool in the fight against heroin.

Sampling Accessories

The TacticID-N can use a number of other accessories. The included point-and-shoot adaptor is versatile for many situations and included vial holder is suitable for liquid samples. The optional right angle adaptor is suitable for fast throughput sampling without moving samples. A polystyrene standard cap is provided for validation testing.

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