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Dynamic Structures + Materials LPA-100 Leveraged Piezoelectric Actuator

DSM's LPA-100 is a flexure-based piezoelectric actuator ideal for both dynamic and static applications where precise and accurate positioning is required. The LPA-100 is mechanically preloaded to ensure bi-directional operation, providing increased resilience to mechanical loads when compared to non-preloaded actuators. The mechanism design provides high-stroke operation in an exceptionally small package. The LPA architecture offers relatively high dynamic bandwidth capabilities for the nominal displacement range and mechanism size.

The LPA-100's compact design is well-suited to many applications and comes standard in a durable, non-corrosive stainless steel amplification frame with pre-tapped threaded mounting holes.


  • Preloaded for bi-directional operation
  • Standard low voltage (150V) piezo material
  • Stainless steel amplification frame
  • Relatively high dynamic bandwidth
  • Vacuum compatibility upon request

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