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Dynamic Structures + Materials NA-25 "Direct Drive" Piezoelectric Actuator

DSM's NA series actuators are direct-drive piezoelectric actuators integrated into a protective metallic frame. The frame is typically a monolithic piece of stainless steel or titanium alloy with a flexure-guided expansion component. The flexure minimizes the resistance that the frame might impart to the piezoelectric actuation. In addition, the frame can include threaded receiver holes at the top and bottom or can be modified to provide a flat or hemispherical contact surface.

The frame also includes a mechanical preload that maintains compression on the piezoelectric ceramic under high tensile forces and ensures successful bi-directional operation under dynamic operating conditions. The design thus provides increased resilience to mechanical loads when compared to non-preloaded actuators.

The NA Series designs are well-suited to many applications where high force and high frequency response are required. Two standard designs, the NA-25 and the NA-80, offer 25 and 80 mm travel ranges over a control voltage range of -30 to +150V. The NA architecture can be readily adapted and scaled to other force and stroke ranges.

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