Cryogen-Free Eft 60 MHz Spectrometer from Anasazi Instruments

Anasazi Instruments offers the Eft-60 MHz spectrometer, which is an NMR instrument free of cryogen, providing the optimal resolution, best sensitivity, and most extensive experimental range of any NMR at 60 MHz.

There are no other instruments that can come near in regard to high quality results because Eft is the most stable magnetic field of any lasting magnet instrument.

The Eft-60 comes as standard with 1D and 2D NMR measurements in addition to kinetic measurements, measurements of relaxation, and continuing measurements for low-concentration of samples.

The 13C option is unsurpassed for sensitivity and speed. Concentrated samples are capable of being recorded in around a minute while dilute, large molecular weight samples can be obtained over a few hours. There are no alternative spectrometers that can offer this flexibility.

The multinuclear option can record an extensive range of nuclei such as 19F, 29Si, 11B, 195Pt, 119Sn, and others.

Key Features

  • Superior sensitivity and resolution based on ASTM standards
  • Biggest user base with more than 700 confirmed installations
  • Turn-key installation with on-site training and delivery always included
  • A 5 year warranty with complete support for maximum benefit
  • Most extensive range of experiments available and customizable experiments

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