High-Resolution Nanomechanical Testing System - FT-I04 Femto-Indenter

The FT-I04 Femto-Indenter available from FemtoTools AG is a high-resolution nanomechanical testing system that has the ability to measure the tribological and mechanical properties of materials precisely at the micro- and nanoscale.

The FT-I04 Femto-Indenter is the world’s first MEMS-based nanoindenter that makes use of the patented FemtoTools Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) technology. Taking advantage of over 20 years of innovations, this nanoindenter delivers matchless dynamic stability, repeatability, and resolution.

The FT-I04 Femto-Indenter has been improved for the mechanical testing of thin films and coatings, ceramics, metals, as well as more compliant microstructures like metamaterials.

The FT-I04 is modular and can expand its abilities to fulfill the versatile needs of several research fields.

Standard applications are the measurement of elastic modulus and hardness as a function of indentation depth with the help of the in-built continuous stiffness measurement (CSM) mode and the high-resolution mapping of mechanical properties.

In addition, optional modules allow high-resolution scanning probe microscopy (SPM) imaging, high-temperature testing (coming soon), and scratch and wear testing.

With unmatched noise floors below 500 pN in force (assured real-world values), 50 pm in displacement (assured real-world values) and relatively huge ranges of 20 μm and 200 mN, the Femto-Indenter allows a detailed investigation of mechanical behavior of materials with unparalleled repeatability and precision.

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