Ultra-Flat Gold Surfaces

An ultra-flat and pristine gold surface is provided by template-stripped gold chips for research applications, such as biosensor development, scanning electron microscope (SEM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) and analyses of self-assembled monolayers.

The gold chips are produced by coating the flattest prime-grade silicon wafers available or a newly split mica, without an adhesion layer.

Following this, glass chips measuring 1 x 1 cm2 are epoxy-glued to the gold surface. The gold surface employed by the users is the one that comes in contact with the mica or silicon substrate, and hence, it is ultra-flat and also protected from the air until it is ready to be used.

Ultra-Flat Gold Surfaces

Image Credit: Platypus Technologies LLC

Features and Benefits

  • RMS roughness that approaches atomic flatness
  • Ready to use: Chips do not need cleaning and thus prevent the need for costly cleaning equipment or toxic cleaning solutions
  • Uncontaminated surface: Gold is protected from the air until it is removed from the template, offering a pristine surface that does not contain organics and other kinds of atmospheric contaminants
  • Convenient: With numerous chips for each template, clean, fresh and ultra-flat chips can be prepared within seconds before the next experiment

Ordering Information

All chips are delivered in aluminosilicate glass, 1 x 1 cm. But users can contact Platypus Technologies for alternative chip dimensions:

Source: Platypus Technologies LLC

SKU Substrate Gold Thickness Chips Price  
AU.1000.SWTSG Silicon Wafer 100 nm 20 $959 ORDER NOW
AU.2000.MTSG Mica 200 nm 5 $999 ORDER NOW


Comparison with Standard Gold

Ultra-flat and standard gold surfaces were examined by AFM across a randomly chosen 1-µm2 area to evaluate roughness.

Ultra-Flat Gold Surfaces

Image Credit: Platypus Technologies LLC

Surface Orientation

The ultra-flat gold films from Platypus Technologies have an even (111) orientation covering the whole surface area of the chip.

Ultra-Flat Gold Surfaces

Image Credit: Platypus Technologies LLC


Ultra-flat gold surfaces allow high resolution characterization of self-assembled monolayers (SAM) and single molecules through scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) or AFM. Ultra-flat gold surfaces are perfect for use in single-molecule imaging, self-assembly, DNA origami, nano-photonics and nano-contact printing.

Ultra-flat gold is used in the following studies:

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