MFP-3D BIO AFM for Bioscience Research

The MFP-3D-BIO from Asylum Research is the industry standard for combining AFM and optical microscopy in bioscience research. It is the only bio-AFM that does not compromise on AFM imaging resolution, force measurement performance, or application versatility while seamlessly integrating with a full range of optical techniques.

This, combined with unparalleled support from Asylum specialists, makes it the finest, most productive AFM for furthering the study.

Device Overview

  • Unrivaled AFM performance combined with optical microscopy
  • Performance leadership in force spectroscopy and force mechanics
  • Simple, high-resolution imaging in liquid on delicate biological samples
  • Unequaled flexibility to meet the different needs of multiple users
  • Unmatched support from bio-AFM experts to get the required results

Features and Benefits

Uncompromised AFM Performance Integrated With Optical Microscopy

  • Real-time optical navigation
  • Illuminate or view with in-built top-down optics
  • Robust real-time and offline rendering options, including optical and AFM image overlays
  • High-quality objective enables effortless viewing of opaque samples and laser alignment, and can be utilized as a condenser for brightfield or phase contrast illumination on transparent samples
  • Various optical techniques like Brightfield, Epifluorescence, Phase Contrast, Confocal Microscopy, FRET, TIRF, FRAP, FCS, and Ion Indicators (Ca2+ response) are supported

Simple, High-Resolution Imaging in Liquid on Soft Biological Samples

  • Various environmental attachments for temperature control and improving imaging in liquid
  • Simple, safe, and effective controlled gas or liquid environment options
  • ModeMaster configures software for the selected mode
  • SmartStart automatically identifies and configures system components to obtain results rapidly
  • GetStarted automatically sets optimal parameters for tapping mode imaging
  • GetReal calibrates the cantilever spring constant and sensitivity

Performance Leadership in Force Spectroscopy and Force Mechanics

  • Large Z range (15 µm standard, 40 µm extended Z option) enables demanding applications like cell-cell and cell-substrate adhesion measurements
  • Thermally-limited force resolution (<8 pm deflection noise typical, <20 pm assured)
  • Force Mapping measures force-distance curves at a grid of points with the automated fitting of indentation models for estimation of elastic modulus and automated adhesion/rupture force analysis
  • Select between open-loop force curves with sensored Z for the best in low noise performance or closed-loop Z for the most precise velocity control

Unmatched Versatility to Satisfy the Diverse Needs of Multiple Users

  • A comprehensive suite of nanomechanical characterization modes for evaluating viscoelastic properties (storage/elastic modulus and loss modulus) is provided
  • An unparalleled range of nanoelectrical and electromechanical characterization modes
  • Distinct accessories for applying external forces to a broad range of samples

Unrivaled Support From Bio-AFM Experts To Get the Results

  • A standard one-year comprehensive warranty
  • Life-long free technical support and expert applications assistance
  • Industry-leading prolonged warranty and repair costs

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