High-Precision Field Emission SEM: SM-IT800

The JSM-IT800 Ultrahigh Resolution Field Emission SEM from JEOL is a cutting-edge FE-SEM featuring today's most advanced high-resolution analytical technology.

The JEOL IT800 series offers high spatial resolution imaging and nanoscale analysis at a new level of analytical intelligence.

Smart, Flexible, and Powerful


The IT800 series of Schottky Field Emission SEMs' integrated JEOL Energy Dispersive X-Ray (EDS) enhances workflow efficiency and operation. Robust software, extremely high resolution, and sophisticated features facilitate seamless data collection, from observation to basic analysis and subsequent reporting.

The JEOL NEOENGINE® electron beam control system and the newest auto functions make fast switching between high-current analyses and high-resolution imaging possible without compromising performance and, therefore, providing unmatched user-friendliness.

In addition to correcting astigmatism, focus, contrast, and brightness, advanced AI algorithms have been developed to automatically align the beam, enhance real-time electron lens control, and correct electron trajectories. The chemical composition of specimens can be directly monitored during imaging with live EDS analysis.

The JEOL SEM combines optical and navigational imaging, EDS Live Analysis, and SEM imaging with just one click.


The JSM-IT800 series has a sizable specimen chamber that can hold numerous detectors simultaneously. Among them are numerous EDS, CL, BSE, STEM, and WDS detectors. The unique soft X-Ray emission Spectrometer from JEOL provides unmatched chemical state analysis and allows for the parallel and effective collection of very low-energy X-Rays.


With an accelerating voltage range of 0.01 to 30 kV and a magnification of up to 2,000,000×, the IT800SHL—JEOL's flagship FE SEM with sub-nm resolution—allows users to achieve amazing details of nanostructures in addition to detailed elemental analysis. This extremely adaptable and user-friendly field emission SEM offers the next level of analytical intelligence in FE-SEM.

High Spatial Resolution

The JSM-IT800 uses an objective lens hybrid that combines an electron detection system through the lens with electromagnetic and electrostatic lenses. For sample analysis and EBSD imaging of magnetic materials, the JSM-IT800 is ideal since there is no electromagnetic leakage beneath the lens.

Higher resolution is achieved at the lowest accelerating voltages by incorporating through-the-lens deceleration and acceleration of the electron beam, which helps mitigate the effects of lens aberrations at low kV.

With no specimen bias, the most recent Upper Hybrid Detector (UHD), exclusive to the SHL version, provides outstanding S/N and detection efficiency of electrons released by the specimen.

Beam deceleration, or BD mode, is a feature of the JSM-IT800 that lowers charging while imaging non-conductive specimens. By enabling accelerating voltages as low as 0.01 kV, it improves surface topography and enhances resolution at low kV.

JEOL's unique in-lens field emission gun integration allows for a beam current of up to 500 nA. This current can be received by both the sample and the aperture angle control lens (ACL), which enhances massive probe currents into the smallest probe diameter. This microscope's features make it ideal for imaging and analyzing nanostructures.

New BSE Detectors for Increased Sensitivity

In addition to solid-state BSE detectors (BED), versatile multi-segmented (VBED) and scintillator (SBED) detectors are available. These enhance signal selection, sensitivity, and response from different detection angles, enabling the construction of 3D images of the sample.

JSM-IT800 Field Emission SEM Details

Key Features

  • NEO ENGINE: intelligent automated electron beam management
  • A versatile hybrid lens design that combines electrostatic and electromagnetic elements provides good imaging and analysis performance.
  • Superior resolution is provided by an aperture angle control lens (ACL) at any probe current or kV.
  • Incorporates the newest auto features, like focus, beam alignment, and stigmation.
  • There is a field emission gun with an in-lens.
  • Large specimen chamber with multiple ports
  • Lens aberrations have less effect on the sample when using the beam deceleration (BD) mode.
  • High-resolution imaging and nanostructure analysis
  • For data management and report generation, use Smile View Lab.
  • Provides montage photos and elemental maps.
  • Real-time examination that integrates JEOL EDS elemental screening


JEOL JSM-IT800 Schottky Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

Video Credit: JEOL USA, Inc.

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