AutoGlow Plasma Cleaning System from Ted Pella

The AutoGlow Plasma Cleaning System is an automatic tuning, 300 watt, table-top RF plasma system that provides an extremely efficient, uniform plasma for lab applications. It has been designed with the latest developments in RF technology to allow users a safe and rugged RF plasma system at a reasonable price. This flexible system with variable power settings is suitable for R&D centers, universities, laboratories and small production facilities, who will find the AutoGlow Plasma Cleaning System a useful system for their plasma needs.


The AutoGlow Plasma Cleaning System is typically used for:

  • Surface cleaning for thin film applications
  • Cleaning of optical devices, medial parts
  • Plasma ashing for EDX analysis, asbestos analysis
  • EM sample preparation
  • Surface etching
  • Cleaning of electronic circuit boards and components
  • Solar cells

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