High Capacity BM-1 Bench Top Vibration Isolator

The BM-1 bench top vibration isolator available from Minus K Technology is a high capacity and cost-effective platform designed for weight loads of up to 1000 lb. The isolator includes a vertical load adjustment crank, which enables manual adjustment to compensate for changes in vertical load. A visual indicator is also provided to determine optimum setting. Additionally, a vertical stiffness adjustment screw in the isolator can be used to dial in 1/2 Hz or less vertical natural frequency.

The BM-1 bench top vibration isolator can be made vacuum and cleanroom compatible.

Key Features

The main features of the BM-1 bench top vibration isolation platform are:

  • High capacity and cost effective platform
  • Vertical load adjustment crank
  • Vertical Load adjustment indicator
  • Vertical stiffness adjustment screw
  • Vacuum and cleanroom compatible
  • Horizontal natural frequency is load dependent; 1/2 Hz or less can be attained at or near the nominal load
  • Vertical natural frequency of 1/2 Hz or less can be attained over the entire load range
  • Weighs 80 lb (36 kg)
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