Mad City Labs Nano-View/M Series Nanopositioning Systems

The Nano-View/M™ is a fully integrated positioning system for use with inverted optical microscopes. Easy to operate and affordable, the Nano-View/M™ combines a manual micrometer driven, two axis, linear motion stage with high resolution, long range nanopositioners - either ultra-low profile or ultra-high speed. A stable blocking force of 10 N built into each axis of the coarse positioning stage provides a secure base for precision nanopositioning. The nanopositioning systems built into the Nano-View/M™ have the lowest profiles available and provide sub-nanometer resolution under closed loop control. The overall height of the Nano-View/M™ with the low profile nanopositioners is only slightly more than standard manual XY stages. An optional breadboard assembly with threaded mounting holes (1/4-20 on a 1 inch pattern or M6 on a 25mm pattern) is a convenient mounting surface for probes. Nanopositioner ranges of motion extend up to 200 microns per axis (X,Y and Z). Internal position sensors utilizing proprietary PicoQ™ technology provide absolute, repeatable position measurement. The Nano- View/M™ system includes the Nano-Drive™ controller and is compatible with user written LabVIEW software.


  • Manual micropositioning with nanopositioning
  • 1" (25mm) 2-axis coarse positioning
  • 2-axis or 3-axis nanopositioning
  • Large aperture
  • Retrofit to inverted microscopes
  • Closed loop control

Typical Applications

  • Optical microscopy, easy to retrofit
  • Confocal imaging
  • Fluorescence imaging
  • Single molecule spectroscopy
  • Particle tracking
  • Nanomanipulation

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