Mad City Labs Nano-F Series Nanopositioner Focusing Elements

The Nano-F Series are nanopositioner focusing elements with 100 or 200 microns of travel. Internal position sensors utilizing proprietary PicoQ™ technology provide absolute, repeatable position measurement and picometer accuracy under closed loop control. The Nano-F Series offer an alternative to microscope stage Z-axis motion or can be used to provide automated microscope thermal expansion compensation. It can be used as a standalone item or in conjunction with other Mad City Labs nanopositioning systems. The Nano-F Series devices are constructed from aluminum and brass with integrated sensors for absolute position control. The quick mount adapter threads directly into the microscope so that the nanopositioner can be clamped onto the adapter without rotation. The interchangeable threads on the quick mount adapter allow the Nano-F Series to be used on all microscopes. The desired threads on the quick mount adapter are specified for each system when it is ordered. Extra adapters can be ordered separately.


  • Compact objective lens focusing element
  • Interchangeable, quick mount adapters
  • 100 µm or 200 µm ranges of motion
  • Compatible with all microscopes
  • Closed loop control

Typical Applications

  • Microscope focusing element
  • Confocal imaging
  • Auto focus
  • STORM and PALM imaging

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