Telescope Mirror Coating Deposition - Dynavac Thin-Film Systems

The Astronomical Telescope Community trusts Dynavac for its ability to construct, design and install large mirror deposition systems. Systems are offered to accommodate optics from 1m to more than 8m. Multi-layer films are deposited by evaporation or sputtering, enabling deposition of aluminum, enhanced sliver, and other materials. Systems are supplied to global destinations and include pre-shipment testing, transportation, installation, and process demonstration.

Key Features

The key features of telescope mirror deposition systems are:

  • Vacuum Chambers from 1m to more than 8m in diameter
  • Evaporation and Sputtering Processes
  • Dynavac's large cryogenic pumps vacuum pump the systems
  • Standard and custom-engineered mirror and deposition source tooling to maximize coating uniformity
  • Installation and shipping services are completed to global destinations
  • Systems available for smaller mirrors and secondary optics

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