Small Scale Thin Film Production - Odyssey 450 Deposition System from Dynavac

The Odyssey 450 Deposition System from Dynavac offers small-scale thin-film production with very good quality results of a large sophisticated system. The base system includes a pumping system, a vacuum chamber and an automated control system.

A comprehensive options package offers a broad range of process equipment to support the most challenging applications. The Odyssey forms a part of the complete platform of resources of Dynavac to support its customers from initial to daily operation.

Key Features

The key features of the Odyssey 450 Deposition System are:

  • It has a 450 by 650 mm vacuum chamber
  • Has a turbomolecular or cryopump
  • Wide range of sputtering, evaporation and process support options
  • Single rotation tooling or planetary mechanism
  • Dynavac's LabVIEW-based supervisory control system
  • Optical monitoring
  • Flexible design supports re-tooling for future applications
  • Global support and service

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