Laboratory-Scale Electrospinning for Nanofiber Production - Nanospider™ NS LAB from Elmarco

Elmarco's NS LAB is a laboratory electrospinning equipment for effective nanofiber membrane research and for experimental work.

The NS LAB makes use of the same stationary electrode system as found in industrial Nanospider™ Production Lines, hence the results from the NS LAB work can be easily upscaled to the NS Production Line NS 1S500U, NS 4S1000U or NS 8S1600U, the industrial electrospinning equipment.

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Key Features

  • Elmarco's electrospinning equipment NS LAB can be configured to work with a wide variety of polymers and to produce a wide range of organic and biodegradable nanofibers.
  • All process parameters can be controlled
  • Integrated unidirectional substrate unwind / rewind
  • Based on the polymer used fiber diameters from 80 nm up to 700 nm (+/- 30%) are possible.

The NS LAB can accommodate various types of substrate materials.


  • Experimental work and product development in academic, research and industrial spheres
  • Exploratory research in membrane, air and liquid filtration, medical, and many other areas
  • Basic materials science exploration such as process parameters and new material development

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