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Raman Microprobe in Morphologi G3 Detects Particle Pollutants

The Malvern Instruments website has recently added an article describing ‘Raman chemical identification of contaminant particles’. It demonstrates the company’s Morphologi G3 featuring Raman microprobe unit to identify particulate pollutants.

Malvern 's Morphologi G3

Malvern recently declared an ‘early access program’ featuring combined automated particle shape and size investigation on the G3 system and chemical detection delivered by Raman spectroscopy, the Morphologi G3-ID.

The G3 is an automated system that utilizes microscopy-based image investigation for classification of particle size and shape. The Raman microprobe helps chemical and physical inspection of particulates. This benefit troubleshooting products where users need to know whether particles on the outside are actually damaged particles of the material or foreign pollutants.

The G3 system can characterize particles measuring between 0.5 µm and 10 mm and can identify chemicals and particle delivery in jumbled single units, and foreign pollutants. It can also determine if a particle comprises individual or multiple chemical units.


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