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New Additions Extend the Usability of Phenom G2 Desktop SEMs

With these two launches Phenom-World further extends the usability of the Phenom G2 desktop SEM's. Giving the opportunity to image vacuum-sensitive and vulnerable samples without damaging the sample structure by using the Temperature Controlled Sample Holder. Secondly the new version of Fibermetric is able to take the analysis of fibers and filter to an even higher level.

Temperature Controlled Sample Holder
In close cooperation with its preferred development partner Deben, Phenom-World has developed a Temperature Controlled Sample Holder to study vacuum-sensitive and vulnerable samples. This active sample holder is designed to control the temperature of the sample between -25°C and +50°C.
With the use of the Temperature Controlled Sample Holder, the temperature of the sample is manipulated, therefore the humidity around it can be controlled. This enables imaging of moistures and water containing samples as well as reducing the effect the electron beam has on beam sensitive samples. This results in an extended viewing time, without noticeable vacuum artifacts.

The Temperature Controlled Sample Holder can be retrofitted to all versions of the Phenom G2 system.

The improved Fibermetric allows measurements and analysis on complicated fiber structures, ranging from spunbond and electrospun fibers to the melt blown type of fibers. The Fibermetric application provides accurate size information from micro and nano fiber samples. Through further automization of several important features, the Fibermetric has become even more user-friendly and guarantees a fast return on investment. The automated features that have the most effect on this are the high number of measurements (max. 1000 per image!), the automated feature and fiber size detection, and the analysis of the data points.

The large range of fibers size allows Fibermetric to be used in a wide variety of applications, like investigation of filtration materials, diaper paddings, fiber research, and fiber and filter production control.

"With the introduction of the Temperature Controlled Sample Holder and the improved Fibermetric application we are fulfilling customer demands to retrieve better images and analysis for a broader variety of samples. Customers are now able to analyze their temperature and vacuum sensitive samples like fat, chocolate, starch, vegetables, mold, organic tissues and many more. With these new features we clearly provide solutions and answers to a new audience." (Richard Geschiere, Sales Director at Phenom-World)

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