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CRAIC Technologies Adds Kinetic Spectroscopy Package to Microspectrophotometer

CRAIC Technologies, a provider of UV-visible-NIR microspectroscopy products, has declared that it has added kinetic spectroscopy features to its 20/20 Perfect Vision UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometer. Using kinetic spectroscopy features, it will be possible to determine a microscopic sample area’s complete range spectra by time and note the results.

Reflectance, absorbance and optical emission from the deep UV to the near infrared spectrum enable study of the samples. There are a large number of applications and these include biological analysis that is time-resolved to measure LED degradation, chemical reactions on metallic films and several others. Since this kinetic package has the potential to study microscopic samples’ time-resolved spectra with several spectroscopic techniques, it is an advanced micro-analysis tool for any manufacturing plant or laboratory.

The President of CRAIC Technologies, Dr Paul Martin stated that the microspectrophotometers have a wide range of experience for building, designing and using these tools for different kinds of microspectroscopic analysis.

The 20/20 Perfect Vision microspectrophotometer is a combination of a sophisticated, high-speed spectrophotometer with an advanced UV-visible-NIR range microscope and robust, simple software. The integration of the kinetics microspectroscopy package ensures that data is obtained from microscopic samples by reflectance, absorbance, reflectance or emission spectroscopy for a range of time periods. The package also helps in creating three dimensional maps in which the X and Y axes represent the spectrum and the Z represents time. The microspectrophotometer has a robust design, superior sensitivity and simple to use, thus making it the ideal scientific instrument for the client’s analytical needs.


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